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What makes us different

Welcome to One Sleep Company! We are a Pacific Northwest based retail and online mattress company selling a quality product at an affordable price. Every mattress in our lineup is proudly made in the U.S.A. with only the best materials that you also find in major manufactured brands. Our ownership began with two family friends who recognized a major flaw in the mattress industry: People are paying way too much money for a quality mattress.

Joe Taylor and Chad Wittig came together with a simple vision: sell quality mattresses at an affordable price. Prior to launching One Sleep Company, Chad worked in the mattress industry for almost 10 years where he spent time building, designing, and selling mattresses for a large manufacturing plant to local and regional retail mattress stores. After working his way up from an entry level mattress builder to operations manager of the entire plant Chad oversaw the production of thousands of mattresses daily being built by more than 100 employees.

During this time, Chad realized he wanted to start his own business where he could help the consumer get into a quality mattress at nearly half the price of the large retail chains. Chad reached out to Joe Taylor, who owns a local HVAC company and explained to him the business model with the ambition of teaming up as a partnership and making his dream turn into a reality. With over 16 years of experience building a successful customer service based business, Joe was the perfect match and with Chad they created One Sleep Company. Today, Chad and Joe still live in Pierce County Washington where they are both happily married and enjoy raising their children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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People are paying way too much money for a quality mattress.

Chad Wittig